Complaint and Appeal Policy

If a participant disagrees with an outcome determined by an assessor, The Training & Business Company will aim to resolve the issue by ensuring the following process is undertaken:

  • Both participants and employers will be informed that they have the right to appeal against an assessment decision (as per Participant Handbook).
  • Discuss appeal with relevant assessor. Request that assessor review their decision, either reconsider or justify in writing to the Chief Executive Officer of The Training & Business Company
  • Appeal to The Training & Business CEO in writing by completing the Complaint / Appeal Form available from T&BC. Complainant to be contacted within 5 days.
  • The Training & Business Company CEO will undertake an investigation to determine appropriate action. This may include but is not limited to:
    • Interviewing any of the people involved
    • Requesting another assessor review the case
    • Scheduling another assessment
    • Upholding or rejecting the appeal at any stage
  • If the concern is not resolved in the above steps, request that a mutually acceptable qualified mediator OR another RTO, be nominated to arbitrate.
  • If the concern is not resolved at this stage, contact ASQA and request a full inquiry.