Enhance your opportunities in the tourism and hospitality industry by undertaking this essential training course to ensure compliance with liquor licensing laws in Tasmania.

This program is designed to give licensees and liquor serving staff the knowledge and skills to provide the responsible service and consumption of liquor in a variety of professions and premises where liquor is sold.

Responsible serving practices are aimed at ensuring staff are skilled and knowledgeable and provide the best possible protection against possible breaches of the current Liquor Licensing Act by serving minors, unduly intoxicated or disorderly patrons.

It is widely acknowledged that responsible service of alcohol training is an integral tool in providing consumers with safer, more responsible venues that are committed to practicing safe serving techniques. It is by increasing the skill levels of those working in the tourism and hospitality industry that will raise the standard of professionalism.

The unit of competency SITHFAB002 Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol is a nationally accredited unit of competency. By completing the course you will receive a statement of attainment.