Testamur Reprints

The final step in your hard work is the Certificate or Statement of Attainment that you receive in recognition of your achievement. Please look after the document.

If you need to present a copy, please use a photocopy rather than the original.

We understand that sometimes circumstances dictate that damage or loss may require you to replace the testamur, in that instance, please , please complete the document attached and forward it to us together with proof of payment of the fee as detailed on the form. Our search and replacement fee is $50 per document. We will reprint and sign the document and post it to the address indicated on your completed form. We do not email testamurs.

Eg. 1 Certificate and 2 Statements of attainment = $150.00

Please send the completed form, together with a copy of your payment remittance to: info@tandbc.com.au

Document Search Form

If your training occurred after 2015 and you only need a list of the completed units, you can obtain this by using your USI and logging into the USI register where you can view and print a transcript listing.